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Knowledgeable Guidance For Your Estate Planning Needs

Developing an estate plan can be a stressful process without the guidance of a knowledgeable estate planning attorney. Many people think that downloading and completing forms they found on the internet may be sufficient. The problem with internet forms is that they are frequently incomplete and could be disputable at a time when your family needs certainty about your wishes. When you are looking to create an estate plan that you can count on when you need it in the future, contact me.

I am Regina M. Taylor, Esq., and I know how to help you craft an estate plan that addresses all of your unique needs, including business succession. At my Atlanta office of R. Taylor Law & Mediation, LLC, I have been helping my clients for years prepare for whatever may come tomorrow.

How I Can Help You

A reasonable attorney will tell you that the same estate plan does not work for everyone. I take the time to listen to my clients. In doing so, I can get a thorough understanding of their family dynamics and their long-range objectives before developing their estate plan.

I know what it takes to create wills, trusts, medical directives, guardianships and other essential legal instruments so that your loved ones have no confusion about your exact wishes. When you cannot act on your own behalf, your family will turn to these documents. Let me help you to minimize uncertainty by creating a crystal-clear estate plan that anyone can understand.

Thorough Planning And Maintenance

Whether you are someone looking to put your wishes onto paper and create your first estate plan, or you already have a plan, but have recently divorced, had a child or any other significant life change, it may be time to update your estate plan to reflect your current wishes, I can help.

Call me at 678-690-5345 or send me an email to schedule your initial consultation at my Atlanta office. Let me help you prepare for anything and give you the confidence you need to look forward to the future.

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