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Mediation could save you from the stressful burden of a protracted legal battle

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What Are The Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Legal problems are frequently the result of miscommunication issues. Business owners and managers focused on productivity levels are often interfacing at a heightened pace. They are not anticipating differences in communication styles leading to disputes. However, expectations that are not clearly explained, understood or met do not always have to result in contentious courtroom battles. I regularly assist Fortune 500 companies and high-conflict businesses manage disputes and find cooperative agreements by incorporating neutral legal methods and a calm environment.

I am attorney Regina M. Taylor, Esq. I am a registered neutral with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution and certified in Alternative Dispute Resolution with a Master’s of Law for Advocacy and Dispute Resolution. I continue to meet rigorous standards of professionalism, knowledge, and representation for mediation as well as in alternative dispute resolution (ADR). I provide clients with tools to settle their business disputes without going through lengthy, expensive litigation. I will listen to your concerns and help you build an effective strategy to resolve potentially costly controversies through ADR.

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How ADR Can Help You

Protracted litigation battles involve many trips to a courtroom, taking precious time from your business and draining your resources by paying for court costs and additional meetings with your attorney. These costs can pile up quickly, but they may be avoidable.

ADR allows parties to engage in a private setting on an agreed to schedule. Parties each have the opportunity to voice their concerns and then come to the table to create a settlement agreement. ADR provides a method that is consistently beneficial to businesses and individuals. Reaching solutions in a more timely and cost-efficient manner than traditional courtroom litigation is good for business. ADR also gives parties more control in safeguarding their business’s reputation in the community.

Contact A Certified Mediator Today

Learn more about how alternative dispute resolutions can save your time, energy and resources. Contact my office in Atlanta by calling or sending me an email through my secure website. Act now to schedule your initial consultation so you can get back to focusing productivity.

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