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Mediation could save you from the stressful burden of a protracted legal battle

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Businesses Can Avoid Costly Litigation Through Mediation And ADR

At the law office of R. Taylor Law & Mediation, LLC, most issues I handle are fundamentally about a miscommunication either about the goals, the process or the ideal outcomes of a contract. I work in a flexible manner and try to get to the heart of contentious issues the parties are facing.

I am attorney Regina M. Taylor, a licensed attorney in the state of Georgia. I am certified in Alternative Dispute Resolution and a registered neutral with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. I have successfully assisted parties from a range of Fortune 500 companies – with millions of dollars on the line – achieve their goals for resolving conflicts involving matters such as:

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  • Claims for loss

  • Employee-employer disagreements

  • Damage claims

  • Breach of contract

  • Fraud

  • Misrepresentation

  • Negligence

  • Real estate leases

  • Defective construction

  • Personal injury claims

  • Complex auto disputes

  • Landlord and tenant disputes

Mediation could save you from the stressful burden of a protracted legal battle.

Preserve Business Relationships

Seeking amiable solutions is good for business on every level. When you avoid contentious and often costly legal battles, you preserve business relationships, save money and protect your business’s reputation. In this day of reputations crumbling due to the rapid fire of social media, a poor reputation could mean the end of your business’s successful lifecycle.

Seeking mediation gives the parties involved control to set a schedule of where and when to meet with a mediator, or neutral-third party. With the assistance of the neutral third-party’s guidance, disputing parties negotiate about the conflict and then build their own settlement agreement. The mediator does not provide legal advice, but rather answers questions about possible outcomes if certain choices are made and keeps the discussion moving toward a successful result crafted by the parties. If the parties can come to an agreement to settle – and most do – they can then agree to initiate their legally binding agreement.


Personalized Solutions For Complex Matters

I am passionate about using the power of communication to create strong, effective solutions. If you are looking to settle things through mediation, contact my Atlanta office of R. Taylor Law & Mediation, LLC to schedule your initial consultation today. Call 678-690-5345 or send me an email to initiate a consultation.

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