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Providing Guidance and Peace of Mind During Stressful Times

Whether you are looking to take care of your family or in the middle of a legal conflict, I am able to help. I am attorney Regina M. Taylor. I see the mediation process as a powerful tool that can create better communication, clarify goals and find a lasting resolution. Putting together a will or estate plan will provide you assurances for the future. 

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Mediation And Estate Planning Services Atlanta Trusts

Most Legal Fights Are Not About The Law – They Are About Communication

Almost all conflict stems from miscommunication. Perhaps someone did not understand the Conflict is often the result of a simple breakdown in communication, an unvoiced grievance, a misunderstood point, and a compounded unvoiced grievance.

Mediation allows parties to be a part of their own solutions and time to focus and carefully examine the issues with a neutral party. At R. Taylor Law & Mediation, LLC, I make sure that the parties are being heard and seek to help guide the parties toward resolution. I provide a safe place to bring issues and present creative ideas and insight to assist the parties in finding a solution to their conflict.

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R. Taylor Law & Mediation, LLC: Working With A Leader

As a lawyer, my focus has always been on creating an environment where businesses and individuals can find lasting solutions with the help of a neutral third-party. In the pursuit of this goal, I have built my law firm on a bedrock of experience, information and understanding. As your attorney, I will be a strong advocate for you and make sure to create solutions tailored to your needs. 


I am certified both as a general dispute mediator and in alternative dispute resolution, which requires attorneys to meet rigorous standards of professionalism, knowledge and representation. In addition to these qualifications, I also have a Master’s in Law In Advocacy and Dispute Resolution degree.


Dispute Resolution Is A Challenge. Are You Ready?

I am passionate about my work and believe strongly in the power of communication. Moreover, I believe in helping all of my clients to the best of my ability. My prior clients range from individuals needing wills and trusts to Fortune 500 companies with millions of dollars on the line. You can trust me to listen, give reliable information and create a customized legal plan. You can sit down with me and learn more about the options you have and the strategies you can consider at your first appointment. 

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730 Peachtree Street NE
Suite 570
Atlanta, GA 30308


Phone: 678-730-5262

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